Friday, December 1, 2006


Parsha for the Table

Vol 2 Issue 7

פרשת ויצא

"How do get G-d to move mountains for you."

Yaacov traveled all the way down to Charan, passing the temple mount bye. He realized that he missed an opportunity to daven there, and then turned back. Hashem then uproots Har HaBayis and brings it to him. Rashi asks (28:17) "Why didn't Hashem just stop him when he passed it originally?"

His answer is eye opening. Hashem said, "If Yaacov doesn't think about davening there, why should I stop him?" Only later when he decides to go back, Hashem moves the mountain for him.

In short, if you want to do the wrong thing, Hashem gets out of the way. But even after you blow it and decide to get it right, Hashem will move mountains to help you.

Look at your lives and the lives of people you know and see how true this is.

Have a great Shabbas.

Rabbi Bader

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