Friday, December 29, 2006

No shoes, no shirt, no service!

Parsha for the Table
Vol 2 Issue 11
Parshas Vayigash
"What does that prove?!"
When Yosaif reveals himself to his brothers, Rashi (45,4) tells us that he decided to give them proof of who he really was. What was his proof? He called them over to show them that he was circumcised. This is puzzling, for Rashi at the in last week’s parsha (41,55) says that Yosaif made all Egyptions get a circumcision before buying food. If all of Mitzrayim is circumcised, what does Yosaif having a bris prove?
The answer I think is rather simple. Yosaif was the only one in Egypt who knew what a bris mila meant. No impostor would even think to show their bris because they didn’t understand its’ significance.
If we don’t learn about the meaning behind bris mila, and for that matter each and every other Mitzva, we are very similar to the Egyptions who had no idea what they were doing. When we learn about the beauty and importance of the Mitzvos, then we can turn to our brothers and say “I am also a proud Jew, I am one of you”.

Have a great Shabbos,
Rabbi Bader

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