Friday, February 9, 2007

"Can G-d be shot down?!!!!"

Parsha for the Table
Vol 2 issue 16
Parshas Yisro
לעלוי נשמת יוסף בן אלטר איסר

"Can G-d be shot down?!!!!"

"On wings of eagles" Hashem took us from Mitzrayim (19,4 ). Rashi explains that this eagle flies higher then any other birds and consequently is only afraid of the arrows of people. It says "Better I take the arrows then my kids." So to Hashem absorbed the Egyption arrows in the "clouds of glory" when it was in-between the chasing Egyption army and Klal Yisral.

Question: When the eagle places its babies on its back, it is sacrificing its own safety. How that be compared to Hashem, who by definition cannot be hurt.
Sorry, I'm stumped. Any ideas?

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