Friday, February 2, 2007

Wife problems? Kidnap her!

Parsha for the Table
Volume 2 Issue 15
לעילוי נשמת חנה בת ר' מרדכי גימפל
Wife problems? Kidnap her!

Klal Yisrael leaves Egypt after witnessing tremendous miracles from Hashem. A short while later they find themselves facing the Yam Suf with nowhere to turn but up. Why did Hashem so suddenly put them in such a dire situation?
The Midrash tells us a story that sheds some light on what is happening.
There was once a King who was traveling when he happened upon a woman being attacked by ruffians. He and his soldiers subsequently saved her. She was very appreciative and began to spend time with the king. The King found her company pleasing and decided to marry her. After some time, she started to ignore the King. So the King hired a new band of ruffians to stage a kidnapping. She screams. He saved her. Relationship saved.
When Klal Yisrael left Mitzraim they began to take Hashem for granted. Hashem caused the change of events to lead them to call out to Him. What's eye opening about this Medrish is not that Hashem wants us to call out to Him; rather he wants us to have a consistent and honest relationship with Him.
Have a great Shabbos.
Rabbi Bader

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